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4 Unexpected Ways Your Teeth Can Get Chipped

dentist 60601A chipped tooth detracts from your smile, and it can be uncomfortable depending on the size and location of the chipped area. Here are four surprising ways that you might chip your teeth and require a visit to the dentist for a restoration.

  • Eating: Patients may chip a tooth while biting into a hard object, especially if it’s unexpected, such as a stone that was not picked out of a group of beans.  
  • Shivering: Your teeth click against each other when you shiver, and if the motion is severe enough, it can cause your tooth to get chipped.
  • From a tongue piercing: Tongue jewelry is hard and can easily chip a tooth that it contacts.
  • Being super stressed: Bruxism (teeth grinding) can result from excessive stress, and the strain that this condition puts on the teeth can make them weaker and more susceptible to being chipped.

Ideally, there are steps that you can take to prevent most of these causes of chipped teeth. But if you do suffer a chipped tooth, your dentist does offer a variety of treatments to restore your smile.

One option is applying dental bonding material to the area of the chip. This composite material looks much like biological tooth enamel and can conceal small defects in the teeth.

Your dentist might also suggest a porcelain veneer to restore your smile. These thin tooth-shaped shells can be bonded on top of the biological tooth to hide a variety of flaws, including chips as well as stains, cracks and other aesthetic issues.

If the chip in your tooth exposes the pulp, you may need to undergo a root canal treatment followed by a crown to give the treated tooth extra protection.

Have you experienced a chipped tooth? If so, contact our office to get started on restoring your smile.