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Most Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Friday, March 17th, 2017

cosmetic dentist ChicagoDingy, stained teeth are a drag on your smile’s appearance. When you recognize the most common causes of tooth discoloration, you can then take steps to reduce the impact of those factors on your smile and treat any stains that have already occurred. The most common causes of tooth discoloration are dark-colored foods and beverages (such as coffee, tea, red wine and berries), smoking, certain medications and excessive exposure to fluoride during childhood development.

Fortunately, if your smile suffers from stained teeth, a cosmetic dentist can offer interventions to brighten and whiten your smile. Teeth whitening treatments, such as Zoom! laser whitening, apply a bleaching gel to permeate the surface of the teeth and release the stains held beneath it. Zoom! works even faster than traditional teeth whitening treatments because the bleaching gel is activated by lasers to take effect more quickly. You can leave your dentist’s office in about an hour sporting a smile that’s up to 10 shades whiter.

It’s important to recognize that these teeth whitening treatments do not achieve permanent results. In order to have whiter teeth in the long term, you will need to have periodic touch-up treatments, which can be completed at home at your convenience or in the office with your cosmetic dentist.

In order to maintain your results as long as possible between touch-ups, you should restrict the habits that might have contributed to your tooth discoloration after you receive a teeth whitening treatment, such as limiting your consumption of coffee, switching to white wine or giving up smoking–which will give you countless other health benefits, by the way.

Some deep stains may not respond to bleaching agents, and in these cases, the cosmetic dentist may suggest porcelain veneers as an alternative. These tooth-shaped shells are bonded on top of your biological teeth and can be used to hide stains that remain despite attempts at teeth whitening. The porcelain material looks remarkably like biological tooth enamel, leaving this intervention with a lifelike appearance.

Don’t resign yourself to a stained smile. We offer a variety of treatments that can help to improve the appearance of discolored teeth. Call our team at Ora Dental Studio to schedule a consultation and learn about your options.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Bonding vs. Veneers

Saturday, April 26th, 2014

cosmetic dentist chicagoFor many patients, the process of maintaining healthy teeth and gums becomes part of their daily regimen. Brushing and flossing daily are as important as eating and sleeping. But even the most diligent of patients may suffer from stubborn dental stains, a chipped or misaligned tooth, or have unwanted gaps between teeth. A consultation with your cosmetic dentist will present different options to resolve many dental imperfections.

Dental stains can detract from your appearance. When stains are sporadic, your cosmetic dentist may wish to start with dental bonding for a solution. A composite resin material that is designed to blend with the natural shade of the tooth or teeth to be treated is applied to teeth that have been prepped. The tooth is generally roughened slightly and an etch is applied to help the bond to stay secure.

The dentist will apply a very thin amount of bond to the areas needing covering. A laser or curing light is employed to harden the bond before the next layer is applied. Upon completion, the bond is smoothed and polished. When applied by your cosmetic dentist, the artistry they demonstrate makes this repair virtually impossible to detect.

When a tooth has a small chip or to correct a dental imperfection that is fairly minor, dental bonding provides the most economical means to repair the problem. But for many patients, the problems may be more extensive or impact too many areas to make dental bonding practical.

In this case, dental veneers may be the ideal solution. With dental veneers, the cosmetic dentist will fabricate wafer thin covers that will eventually be permanently cemented to the front of teeth requiring treatment.

Whether you need to close gaps between teeth, make misaligned teeth appear straight, make worn dental enamel appear restored, cover gum recession, or eliminate stubborn intrinsic dental stain, dental veneers are ideal.

Veneers are most often made from porcelain, which is a stain resistant material that is made to not only enhance the appearance of the patient, but by cementing them to the front of teeth, the teeth themselves have added strength.

Caring for dental bonding and veneers is the same as untreated teeth with one small exception. Biting into hard materials may damage this cosmetic dentistry, so brush and floss daily and bite with care and your cosmetic dentistry will look natural for many years.

Contact our cosmetic dentistry team at Ora Dental Studio to learn more about which smile solution is best for you.

Cosmetic Dentistry: The Art of Beautiful Smiles

Wednesday, January 22nd, 2014

Picture your favorite movie star or celebrity. More than likely, you’re thinking of a person known for their flawless and attractive appearance. Perhaps you envy that celebrity’s seemingly perfect smile. You might even think that person was just blessed with straight, white teeth. Contrary to these beliefs, most people with flawless, attractive teeth have benefited from some form of cosmetic dentistry. Using the very same procedures and techniques available to the rich and famous, your cosmetic dentist can transform your smile, too. The appearance of virtually any smile imperfection can be improved with cosmetic dental procedures. 

While cosmetic dental work certainly has practical applications such as improving the overall health and functionality of teeth, improving a patient’s smile is also an art form.

While cosmetic dental work certainly has practical applications such as improving the overall health and functionality of teeth, improving a patient’s smile is also an art form. When designing your new smile, your dentist will take into account your unique features, the shape and size of your mouth, and the ratio of gum tissue to teeth. Blending state-of-the-art dental care with artistry, your dentist will help you achieve the smile you have always wished for.

During your consultation, your cosmetic dentist will determine the best methods for addressing your smile flaws. For many patients, short one-visit procedures such as laser teeth whitening or cosmetic bonding are the best methods for brightening, whitening, and concealing flaws. Other methods for improving a flawed smile may include replacing old metal dental work with natural-looking white restorations such as porcelain crowns and tooth-colored fillings.

For patients with misaligned and crooked teeth, Invisalign clear braces are an inconspicuous method for straightening teeth over time. Using a series of custom-fitted, clear aligners, patients can enjoy a straighter smile without unsightly metal brackets and ligatures.

Your cosmetic dentist also offers porcelain veneers for a total smile makeover. These wafer-thin pieces of porcelain that closely resemble natural teeth, are bonded over the front of teeth to create a flawless smile that is free of chips, gaps, and stains.

Depending on your needs and the current condition of your teeth, our team will design a plan that meets your needs and produces a smile that you will fill confident showing off. To learn more or schedule your consultation, call our office at 312-491-9494 today.

Tips for Choosing a Cosmetic Dentist

Monday, October 14th, 2013

Crafting a beautiful smile is a labor of love and passion. For the very best individual experience and for the best results, it should be performed by a cosmetic dentist who is passionate about what they do. They should enjoy improving the smiles and lives of other people. However, there is another side of cosmetic dentistry that isn’t quite so romantic.

There is a side that is driven by science, health, and access to the right tools. The ability to determine which procedure will yield the best results for each patient is a characteristic that can be readily identified in a top quality cosmetic dentist. Your esthetic needs are different from anyone else’s, and it’s important that you select a specialist who is prepared to address those needs. Select a dental professional who offers a variety of the best procedures and materials that have been proven to be predictable, effective, and safe.

The following products, brands, and services are among the most trusted and popular in the dental industry:

  • ZOOM! laser whitening is a powerful in-office whitening product that bleaches out stains and discolorations in your natural enamel.
  • Porcelain veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that can be bonded in place after the natural teeth are slightly reshaped.
  • Lumineers are porcelain coverings for the natural teeth that are also bonded into place, but do not require any modifications to your enamel.
  • Porcelain crowns provide complete coverage of the teeth without the use of any metal additives.
  • Invisalign is a metal-free, removable orthodontic method for adults and teens.

Seek a cosmetic dentist who is happy to educate you on the treatments and procedures that have been recommended for your smile, and ask for advice on how to care for your teeth at home. Lastly, the very best way to choose the right dentist for your needs is to start by contacting our experienced dental team and scheduling a professional consultation.  Call 213-328-9007 today.

I am considering cosmetic dentistry, what questions should I ask my dentist?

Tuesday, July 16th, 2013

In the world of cosmetic dentistry, there are treatments that range from subtle improvements all the way to major differences. Finding a cosmetic dentist that you trust should be your first and foremost concern. If your regular dentist cannot provide the services you desire, ask for a recommendation.

A consultation with our cosmetic dentist to get an honest assessment of the best course of treatment can produce the plan that will provide the improvements you want.

Questions should include:

  • My teeth are dull and drab – will teeth whitening give me a Hollywood smile? Zoom! in-office teeth whitening can lighten teeth up to eight shades in one brief appointment.
  • My teeth are stained from medication, but the stains are very spotty – what are my options? If Zoom! in-office teeth whitening is not sufficient to remove stain, dental bonding is available to cover those spots with tooth colored composite resin.
  • If I have a few misshapen teeth, or gaps between teeth, do I need to wear braces? Patients that are dealing with a considerable malocclusion should discuss their options. However, if desired changes are merely cosmetic, porcelain veneers might be the perfect solution.
  • If I select veneers, what if I am unhappy with the result? With Lumineers, the veneers that cover dental imperfections can be reversed. Traditional dental veneers are permanent, so if you are unhappy with the result your only option is additional treatment.
  • What options do I have to replace lost teeth? There are several considerations; however, the choice that provides the closest to replacing original teeth is with dental implants. Aesthetics and functionality are completely restored.
  • Will my insurance cover treatment? If treatment is deemed medically necessary (teeth lost or oral injuries as a result of an accident, for example), in some instances insurance may be accepted for some procedures. However, cosmetic dentistry performed for purely aesthetic purposes is generally an out-of-pocket expense.
  • Will I need anesthetic? Depending on the procedure, this is a good possibility. Teeth whitening, Lumineers, and minimal dental bonding are just about the only cosmetic corrections performed without it.

An informed patient that enters into cosmetic care with a trusted and talented dental professional and realistic expectations will not be disappointed with the results.  Consult with our experienced cosmetic dental team at Ora Dental Studio to schedule an appointment to discuss your options today.

How can the appearance of misshapen teeth be improved?

Wednesday, April 17th, 2013

Misshapen teeth can significantly detract from your smile’s appearance. An undersized tooth or one that has been compromised by a chip or crack is quite noticeable and can compromise an otherwise perfect set of pearly whites.

If misshapen teeth are bothering you, a cosmetic dentist can intervene and enhance your smile to correct the problem. Veneers are commonly used for this purpose. Aesthetic tooth and gum contouring also will give you aesthetically pleasing results in as little as a half hour.

When the primary objective is improving the shape or proportionality of the teeth, porcelain veneers may be used to bring the tooth into the proper shape and proportion to help it blend in with the rest of the smile. Alternatively, diamond-impregnated burs and discs can be used to redefine the tooth’s shape without removing biological tooth material, although this approach may not be helpful in cases of undersized teeth. Gum contouring involves laser surgery to re-shape the gum line to improve symmetry. 

If misshapen teeth are bothering you, a cosmetic dentist can intervene and enhance your smile to correct the problem.

Prior to placing veneers, a cosmetic dentist will remove a thin layer of enamel, just thick enough to allow the tooth to accommodate the veneer that is bonded to it. The veneer will then be designed to the patient’s specifications and attached to the tooth when it is ready. At a dental practice that uses an off-site lab, this process typically takes around two weeks.

Aesthetic contouring is useful in a number of situations. It can be a stand-alone treatment or part of a comprehensive smile makeover. Patients may also request to have their teeth re-shaped following orthodontic treatment as a final improvement to the smile. This treatment can be applied to a single tooth or multiple teeth as needed, and it requires minimal anesthetic.

Don’t feel that you have to resign yourself to a smile that includes misshapen teeth. This problem can be corrected, so consult with our skilled cosmetic dentists at Ora Dental Studio if you feel that you might benefit from aesthetic contouring. Call 312-491-9494 to schedule an appointment today.

Common Causes of Tooth Discoloration

Saturday, January 26th, 2013

That daily cup of coffee, cola, wine, berries, some medications, tobacco use and aging … these are just a few of the reasons why teeth may have become stained. Your cosmetic dentist can offer several treatment options to fit your needs, timeline, and budgetary guidelines.

Extrinsic stains are those on the surface of the teeth. They are mostly impacted by diet and lifestyle. Tobacco use can cast a yellow discoloration on the teeth while dark beverages can make teeth take on a grey appearance. But your teeth can be whitened up to eight shades in one visit with the aid of Zoom! in-office teeth whitening.

A trained whitening specialist will prepare you for your session by protecting the soft tissues of the mouth and gums. The most advanced whitening aid available is applied to your teeth and enhanced by the use of a laser or curing light. In one brief appointment, Zoom! whitening will give you a Hollywood smile that is safe, long lasting, and now can even strengthen your tooth enamel. 

Tobacco use can cast a yellow discoloration on the teeth while dark beverages can make teeth take on a grey appearance.

These are results that can’t compare to over the counter kits that do not offer professional advice and administration, and produce little, if any, whitening benefit.

Intrinsic stains are a little more complex. Medication or over-fluoridation can produce uneven tooth coloring or spots on teeth. Although whitening may help, some cases may require more extensive treatment. In these cases, your cosmetic dentist may recommend dental veneers.

A veneer is a very thin, shell like covering that is fabricated to match the surrounding teeth. The veneer is permanently cemented to the front of teeth that are damaged or stained.

Benefits of dental veneers include:

• Very little of the tooth’s enamel is removed making this one of the least invasive cosmetic options available.

• Veneers can treat more than just dental stain: chipped teeth, spaces between teeth, misshapen or uneven teeth can all be repaired with veneers.

• Treated teeth enjoy added strength.

• Treatment is undetectable as the dental professional has worked with the dental lab to fabricate the perfect match to surrounding, untreated teeth.

Hiding your smile due to dental imperfections is easily diagnosed and treatable. A bright new smile can be achieved in as little as one visit. See how a consultation with our team of cosmetic dentists at Ora Dental Studio can improve your appearance and boost your self-confidence. Call 312-491-9474 to schedule an appointment today.

Uneven Gums: What are my options?

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

There are many reasons why gum tissue may appear uneven. When gum tissue is recessed, some or all teeth may appear larger than desired. However, excess gum tissue may make teeth look too small. Genetics can play a large role, but how teeth are cared for can also be blamed for uneven gums.
Treatment via a cosmetic dentist is readily available to correct uneven gums.

For patients that are concerned with a “gummy smile”, this genetic disorder can be resolved through a treatment known as gum contouring. The use of lasers to reshape the gums allows for the treatment to be completed in less time and may also mean shorter healing time as the laser will actually seal the blood vessels during the procedure. When completed, treated teeth appear more elongated and gum tissue more even.

Depending on the severity of the excess gum tissue, this procedure can be done in a short amount of time. The cosmetic dentist will use either a topical agent to numb gum tissue or a local anesthetic for more extensive treatment. Remaining gum tissue will be reshaped to provide a balanced appearance.

At this point, the tooth structure beneath the removed gum tissue may require additional treatment to complete the smile makeover.

Receding gums can occur for many reasons with gum disease being a primary cause. Treatment with a deep cleaning known as root planing and scaling can halt gum disease, but excellent oral hygiene habits of daily flossing and brushing are needed to keep the disease from returning. More serious dental disease known as periodontitis may require osseous surgery to remove the bacteria from gum tissue.

Brushing vigorously with a firm tooth brush can result in the wearing away of gum tissue over time. Some medications can impact gum tissue as well as aging and wear & tear.

When gum tissue starts to shrink away, some teeth may appear longer than others. In some cases, the entire bony tooth may be exposed creating a shelf between the tooth and gum. Gum surgery will allow the cosmetic dentist to harvest tissue from the roof of the mouth and re-attach where gum tissue is lacking virtually creating a new gum line.

A smile makeover through gum surgery or contouring can improve your appearance and boost self-confidence, making these procedures very worthwhile. To find out what procedure works best for you, contact our team of experienced professionals at Ora Dental Studio and schedule your consultation today.

Complimentary Consultation Leads to Smile Enhancements

Monday, September 24th, 2012

A complimentary consultation is a no charge, brief exam with your cosmetic dentist to determine the options available to correct or improve your smile through dental treatment.

Our cosmetic dentist can propose the many options available to achieve the desired results.

This complimentary visit provides the perfect opportunity for the patient to reveal exactly what changes to their smile they would like to experience. Our cosmetic dentist can propose the many options available to achieve the desired results.

Teeth whitening is often the quickest way to obtain a “wow” smile. Zoom in-office teeth whitening can brighten teeth eight shades in one brief dental appointment. Through the use of the most powerful whitening agents available and laser accompaniment, our cosmetic dentist can provide the latest whitening technology available. Touch-up kits are available for use at home if needed.

For patients that are dealing with more severe staining due to diet, tobacco use, medications or advanced age, porcelain veneers are wafer-thin tooth colored shells that are permanently affixed to the front of teeth that require treatment. Veneers are fabricated to match the shape and shade of surrounding natural teeth making them virtually undetectable.

Lumineers are veneers that are fabricated in the cosmetic dentist’s office and placed immediately without having to deal with temporaries and a waiting period while veneers are sent out to a dental lab.

Dental veneers are not just for stained teeth. They can resolve chipped teeth, uneven teeth, spaces or unsightly gaps between teeth, teeth subjected to wear and tear – many dental imperfections can be corrected with veneers made from porcelain or composite resin.

A malocclusion occurs when the top teeth do not match up properly to the corresponding bottom teeth. When this happens the patient might have to deal with a cross bite, over bite or under bite. During your consultation, Invisalign might be suggested as the recommended course of treatment.

Invisalign is a series of clear, soft plastic aligners that are designed to be replaced approximately every two weeks. Each new aligner will slowly and gently shift the teeth into proper alignment. The beauty of Invisalign aligners is the fact that they are transparent, which makes wearing them an attractive alternative to conventional bands and brackets to straighten teeth.

Thanks to this complimentary consultation, your dental provider can address any questions or concerns you may have regarding the options available to help you obtain that much desired new smile makeover.

Schedule your complimentary consultation by calling the Chicago office of ORA Dental Studio at 312-328-9007 today!

The Causes of Dulling and Discoloration of Teeth

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Over time, and despite our best efforts, our teeth can become dull and discolored; this can lead us to perhaps feel self-conscious about our smile. However, your smile doesn’t have to lose its sparkle due to lesser than white teeth, and a cosmetic dentist can help in restoring your teeth to their natural color. 

Although there are several over-the-counter kits for at-home teeth whitening, a visit to our cosmetic dentist can deliver even better results.

There are several causes for the discoloration of teeth. Some common causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • Hot and cold beverages, such as tea and coffee and red wine
  • Smoking, which can lead to yellowing teeth
  • Using an abrasive toothpaste, which can damage tooth enamel
  • Certain foods, such as wholegrain products
  • Some medications can leave teeth with stains

Although there are several over-the-counter kits for at-home teeth whitening, a visit to our cosmetic dentist can deliver even better results. An at-home kit may require prolonged use in order for it to have the desired effect on your teeth, and some can even damage teeth further.

But treatments administered by a cosmetic dentist can deliver your smile back to its natural white much faster. On occasion, it may be possible to treat the discoloration at home, a treatment known as ‘tray-based whitening’. This treatment uses a custom-molded tray of the patient’s mouth and a prescribed formula to use which can be applied at home. The formula given to whiten the teeth will be determined by the dentist during a consultation.

Alternatively, the patient can undergo a teeth whitening procedure in the office. The dentist applies a whitening formula, which is then activated by light. The process is quick, easy and can have immediate results.

Another solution that the dentist may consider is dental veneers. These are thin shells that are custom-made to cover the front of the teeth and so improve their appearance. Also known as porcelain veneers, these shells are glued (bonded) to the front of the teeth and can be used not only to improve the color of the teeth, but also the shape, size and length.

A cosmetic dentist will prepare the teeth that will be bonded by removing a small amount of enamel from the teeth before taking a mold of the patient’s mouth. A dental laboratory will then make the shells according to the mold taken, and finally the dentist bonds the shells permanently to the teeth.

Whichever treatment you decide best fits your needs, it is possible to once again regain a dazzling smile, and after treatment a regular dental check and good dental hygiene can help prolong the dazzle for years to come.

Contact our Chicago office at 312-328-9007 and schedule your consultation to determine which treatment option is right for you.