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Will My Whitened Teeth Retain Their New Color?

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

One of the most economical and speediest ways to a smile makeover is through teeth whitening. The key to maintaining your new smile is your willingness to follow basic guidelines.

1.    Limit beverages that are notorious for dental stain. These include beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and wine. Using a straw with cold drinks will allow beverages to bypass the teeth somewhat, but this is not going to eliminate stain totally. When consuming these liquids, try to swallow as rapidly as possible to limit the time teeth are exposed to the caffeine that may discolor teeth.

2.    Eliminate tobacco use. Smoking and chewing tobacco are very damaging to the enamel’s color, and tobacco is a primary contributor to many dental problems, not the most important being the cosmetic aspect.

3.    Some mouthwashes and medications contain products that can stain teeth. Although needed medicinal supplements cannot be avoided, know what is in optional supplements and mouth rinses to aid in prevention of tooth discolorations. 

Teeth whitening can provide a quick and economic means to a “Hollywood” smile…

4.    Foods with strong pigments like tomatoes and many different berries can stain teeth if eaten on a regular basis. However, their health benefit cannot be disputed so try to brush as quickly as possible following consumption or rinse with water. Chewing sugarless gum will help to generate saliva as a natural wash, as well.

Your cosmetic dentist may also advise some other ways to lengthen the duration of teeth whitening such as daily flossing; brushing at least twice per day with the recommended tooth paste or gel; using an antibacterial rinse may aid in preventing plaque build-up that can escalate tooth discoloration.

Although excellent daily hygiene habits are critical, visiting your dental provider twice per year for a professional cleaning and dental exam will make the most of your teeth whitening experience.

If tooth color starts to fade, there are touch-up kits available for use at home. Since teeth whitening is not permanent, it might be necessary to repeat the whitening process to retain that brilliant smile. But teeth whitening can be overdone, so limit those whitening sessions to at least six month intervals. Excessive whitening can be harmful to enamel and result in tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening can provide a quick and economic means to a “Hollywood” smile, so follow the instructions provided to keep it brilliant for as long as possible.

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Solutions for a Great Smile Today

Tuesday, July 17th, 2012

teeth whitening ChicagoHaving a bright, vibrant smile can give an individual a real confidence boost; it’s no secret that those who are proud of their smile tend to show it off more often and smile more than those whose smile may not be all it can be.

Thanks to the lifestyles we lead, many people’s smiles dull naturally. Teeth can become dull through eating certain foods or drinking dark liquids such as coffee or cola, and smoking; all of which can leave behind stains. Brushing with teeth whitening toothpastes, or investing in home teeth whitening kits can reduce the effects of staining, but for the most effective treatment, it is often best to consult a cosmetic dentist when it comes to considering teeth whitening.

Of course, our hectic day-to-day lives often leave us with little spare time and so this may hinder our efforts in properly restoring our teeth to their natural brightness; and so rather than consult a cosmetic dentist we persist with lesser solutions, such as over-the-counter kits.

However, Zoom! Teeth whitening is a recent innovation designed to offer the best teeth whitening results in a single day, quickly giving you back the confidence of a vibrant smile. In just one day, Zoom! Teeth whitening can deliver results that might otherwise take several sessions to achieve through conventional teeth whitening.

Treatment involves the cosmetic dentist using a laser to agitate a special gel that is placed onto the teeth and reacts to the laser’s light. The agitation of the gel results in a molecular reaction which in turn allows the gel to penetrate into the teeth’s enamel, bleaching away stubborn stains in a matter of minutes to produce the kind of results that other treatments may take months to achieve.

What’s more, unlike other treatments, Zoom! results in little or no tooth sensitivity afterwards – a common issue with conventional teeth whitening treatments. And its effects are long lasting too, with a single Zoom! treatment lasting up to 18 months.

Both safe and effective, as well as actually being good for your teeth’s health by strengthening the teeth’s’ enamel; the entire Zoom! treatment process takes around one hour to complete, and at the end of the treatment you’ll have a dazzling white smile to proudly show off.

To learn more about your tooth whitening options, contact our Chicago IL dental team today!

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

Monday, June 4th, 2012

teeth whitening ChicagoFor many years, teeth whitening treatments have been a popular method of improving a person’s smile, and nowadays there are many treatments available to help restore a smile’s natural white appearance. Treatments range from specially formulated teeth whitening toothpastes and over-the-counter home bleaching kits to professional treatments performed by a cosmetic dentist.

Anyone considering teeth whitening treatments is sure to have questions, and one of the most common questions asked of a dentist is ‘is teeth whitening safe’? In most cases, the answer is yes, although some types of treatments may not be suitable for certain categories of patient, such as expectant mothers and teenagers under the age of 16.

And, patients who have significant dental damage, such as worn enamel or cavities, or gum disease may be discouraged from teeth whitening treatments until underlying problems have been dealt with. Those patients who have tooth-colored dental crowns, such as those fitted during dental implant treatment won’t be affected by bleaching.

Teeth staining occurs because tooth enamel is porous with microscopic channels which feed down through the tooth. These channels allow staining agents to enter the tooth. This in turn leads to the tooth appearing stained and discolored. Tooth whitening agents, typically peroxide, unblock these channels and cause a chemical reaction within the staining agents to break them down and effectively rinse the staining out of the tooth.

For most people who undergo dental whitening, a temporary increase in tooth sensitivity is the worst they will experience after treatment. This heightened sensitivity is caused by the bleaching agent used in the treatment entering the teeth and clearing the microscopic channels of staining agents. Sensitivity usually passes relatively quickly, but for prolonged sensitivity, over-the-counter painkillers are sometimes recommended. However, if sensitivity persists even after treatment has concluded, consult a dentist for advice.

Gum irritation may also occur, but this is easily treatable with oral gels that can be purchased from a pharmacy or given by a dentist to reduce the irritation.

If you have additional questions about teeth whitening in Chicago Illinois, please contact Ora Dental Studio today and schedule your professional consultation.