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Healthy Dental Habits to Follow

Monday, November 26th, 2012

There are many things your dentist will recommend to keep your teeth and gum tissue healthy. Since evidence is available that good dental health can contribute to overall quality of day to day living, keeping teeth in excellent condition is very important.

Science has demonstrated that the opposite of that equation is true is well. A healthy body is definitely an asset to having a healthy mouth. So some common sense daily habits that will aid in keeping both in good condition include:

•    Stop tobacco use – In any form tobacco from chewing or smoking is extremely detrimental to the body. And it has been proven that tobacco users suffer many more serious dental problems than those who abstain from tobacco use. Gum disease, dental decay, halitosis and stained teeth are at the top of the list of dental problems that result from tobacco use. 

A healthy body is definitely an asset to having a healthy mouth.

•    Diet – Sugary snacks and beverages not only expand the waistline. The sugars stick to the bacteria on teeth that contribute to plaque build-up. This build-up may lead to dental decay or gum disease.

•    Daily flossing – The best way to aid in the prevention of plaque build-up is with consistent daily use of dental floss. Follow the directions of your dentist for the most effective use of dental floss.

•    Brushing – It should go without saying that brushing a minimum of twice per day with tooth paste or gel is needed to keep teeth healthy. But how you brush is important as well. A soft bristle brush with consistent pressure is best. Many believe that firm is best at removing plaque and bacteria, but damage to dental enamel and gum tissue can result.

•    Electric tooth brush – There are many different types of sonic or electric tooth brushes available today. Their use not only promotes optimum teeth cleaning, but most come with a built-in timer that encourages the user to brush the full two minutes that is recommended each and every time you brush.

•    Dental visits – Seeing your dentist twice per year for a clinical cleaning and exam will identify problems before they can escalate and keep plaque build-up to a minimum.

It should go without saying that getting adequate sleep and daily water consumption are two prime ways to a healthy body, and as an added benefit, healthy teeth and gums.

To learn more ways to keep your teeth healthy contact the Chicago office of ORA Dental Studio at 312-328-9007 to schedule an appointment.

How to Prevent Tooth Injuries

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

dentist 60661For some, the inevitable accident will happen. But when it does, will you have had the foresight to do everything possible to prevent injury to teeth and gums? A discussion with your dentist will provide the information you need to make the optimum choice for preventing potential injury.

Active children and young adults can damage teeth falling on the playground or while engaging in otherwise benign behavior. Knowing what to do if this happens may prevent tooth loss. If a mishap should occur, do you have your dentist’s number readily available both for daytime injuries and after hour’s issues? Knowing who to call and being seen quickly is critical.

Regular dental check-ups can provide the ideal condition for teeth and gums along with observing excellent daily hygiene habits of flossing and brushing for the most favorable outcome in the event of an injury.

Sports participants can benefit from a professionally fitted mouth guard. Wearing a mouth guard of any type is better protection than none at all; however, generic mouth guards purchased from the corner drug store may be ill fitting and uncomfortable which might discourage use.

Appropriate head gear based on the activity is critical. Helmets with protective faceguards for contact sports have been improved in recent years to offer optimum protection.

Avoid chewing on hard objects such as ice, hard candy or objects best kept out of the mouth like pens or pencils. Using teeth to chew fingernails is hazardous as well as unhygienic. And teeth are not intended to open packages or bottle tops. Although teeth are strong, they can be chipped or broken when engaging in these harmful habits.

Patients that grind or clench their teeth can be doing damage on a regular basis and won’t need an injury to require dental care. Your dentist can provide a mouth guard to aid in discontinuing this habit during sleep, which will help train your jaw to help in eliminating daytime grinding as well.

Even walking with foreign objects in the mouth can result in a dental calamity if a fall should occur or even bumping into a door or another person.

So although accidents will happen, and injury to teeth and gum tissue might occur, limiting the damage is possible and following your dentist’s recommendations will offer the best chance for a positive outcome.

If you are suffering from a tooth injury and need treatment, contact ORA Dental Studio, serving the Chicago IL 60661 area, to schedule a consultation today.

Will My Whitened Teeth Retain Their New Color?

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

One of the most economical and speediest ways to a smile makeover is through teeth whitening. The key to maintaining your new smile is your willingness to follow basic guidelines.

1.    Limit beverages that are notorious for dental stain. These include beverages like coffee, tea, soda, and wine. Using a straw with cold drinks will allow beverages to bypass the teeth somewhat, but this is not going to eliminate stain totally. When consuming these liquids, try to swallow as rapidly as possible to limit the time teeth are exposed to the caffeine that may discolor teeth.

2.    Eliminate tobacco use. Smoking and chewing tobacco are very damaging to the enamel’s color, and tobacco is a primary contributor to many dental problems, not the most important being the cosmetic aspect.

3.    Some mouthwashes and medications contain products that can stain teeth. Although needed medicinal supplements cannot be avoided, know what is in optional supplements and mouth rinses to aid in prevention of tooth discolorations. 

Teeth whitening can provide a quick and economic means to a “Hollywood” smile…

4.    Foods with strong pigments like tomatoes and many different berries can stain teeth if eaten on a regular basis. However, their health benefit cannot be disputed so try to brush as quickly as possible following consumption or rinse with water. Chewing sugarless gum will help to generate saliva as a natural wash, as well.

Your cosmetic dentist may also advise some other ways to lengthen the duration of teeth whitening such as daily flossing; brushing at least twice per day with the recommended tooth paste or gel; using an antibacterial rinse may aid in preventing plaque build-up that can escalate tooth discoloration.

Although excellent daily hygiene habits are critical, visiting your dental provider twice per year for a professional cleaning and dental exam will make the most of your teeth whitening experience.

If tooth color starts to fade, there are touch-up kits available for use at home. Since teeth whitening is not permanent, it might be necessary to repeat the whitening process to retain that brilliant smile. But teeth whitening can be overdone, so limit those whitening sessions to at least six month intervals. Excessive whitening can be harmful to enamel and result in tooth sensitivity.

Teeth whitening can provide a quick and economic means to a “Hollywood” smile, so follow the instructions provided to keep it brilliant for as long as possible.

To learn more about the benefits of teeth whitening contact the Chicago office of ORA Dental Studio at 312-328-9007 today to schedule an appointment.