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Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment for Comfort and Convenience

Friday, March 22nd, 2013

Having a “knock-out” smile is the envy of every man and woman, young and old. Achieving that smile today is both comfortable and convenient with Invisalign clear braces.

Straight teeth don’t always happen naturally. Over-crowded jaws can create an overbite; large teeth can force teeth to grow in crooked and missing teeth can create gaps between teeth. However, all of these dental problems and more can be resolved with Invisalign.

Invisalign clear braces offer a corrective program that:

  • Straightens teeth through a series of clear, soft aligners that gently shift the teeth to their correct position. Aligners are updated every couple of weeks to keep the straightening process moving forward.
  • Allows the wearer to remove the aligners for eating and to perform the daily hygiene regimen of flossing and brushing.
  • Gives the dentist the opportunity to keep teeth properly cleaned, and if dental decay is present it is easier to detect and repair than with traditional braces.

Traditional braces are bulky, uncomfortable and not very attractive. Invisalign clear aligners are virtually undetectable, soft and because they’re removable, they’re very convenient. There are no metal wires to poke, and no metal brackets to cut soft mouth tissue or cause abrasions.  

Having a “knock-out” smile is the envy of every man and woman, young and old. Achieving that smile today is both comfortable and convenient with Invisalign clear braces.

Traditional braces result in a restricted diet – healthy fruits and vegetables may be limited, snacks like chips, and even bread can bend the wires.

With Invisalign, just remove the aligners when dining or snacking and replace when finished. Feel free to enjoy all your favorite foods!

Special events like a wedding, prom, pictures to remember exceptional times – all can be happier occasions when you have the choice to leave the transparent straighteners in or remove them for a brief period of time.

Although the aligners are removable, it is critical to wear them a minimum of twenty to twenty-two hours daily. Failure to do so can delay treatment progress. In addition, if the program gets off track, aligners may not fit correctly preventing them from doing their job.

The initial consultation and early visits to the dentist are very similar between metal braces and Invisalign. Pictures, x-rays, and dental impressions will be taken. But the similarities stop there. No spacers are required; discomfort from periodic adjustments does not occur; and there is no metal in sight. The comfort and convenience of Invisalign has made correcting a malocclusion a much more pleasant experience.

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How Careful Must I Be with My New Veneers

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin shells that are permanently cemented to your teeth to correct many dental imperfections.

Let’s break that down in order to understand the procedure and how it can change your smile:

Porcelain veneers are wafer thin shells:

  • A very small amount of the tooth’s enamel – about the thickness of the veneer itself – is removed from the tooth or teeth to be treated. This allows for the most natural appearance as the veneers will match surrounding teeth.
  • Porcelain is the optimum material as it resists stains and it does not irritate gum tissue.
  • Porcelain’s translucency allows it to reflect light giving veneers the most natural appearance possible.
  • The shells themselves are shaped to match the surrounding teeth.

that are permanently cemented to your teeth:

  • Once the natural tooth’s enamel has been thinned out, the cement used to permanently hold the veneer in place can be color matched to ensure the shade of the veneer matches surrounding teeth.
  • The veneer is temporarily placed to make sure it is perfect before permanently cemented. Adjustments can be made by your cosmetic dentist at chairside, as needed.
  • Before the cement is applied, the tooth is painted with a substance which will aid in allowing the veneer to adhere to the tooth.
  • Once cemented into place, a laser or curing light will be used to hasten setting of the veneer.

to correct many dental imperfections:

  • Porcelain veneers are the perfect solution for chipped, broken or misshapen teeth; stained or discolored teeth; gaps between teeth; worn or uneven teeth.
  • Porcelain is not affected by whitening agents so any plans to whiten teeth should be completed before getting veneers.

Porcelain veneers can resolve many dental issues, but how difficult are they to maintain? Daily maintenance such as brushing and flossing will keep veneers clean and help prevent plaque build-up.

Avoid biting on hard objects like ice or hard candy; do not bite fingernails; do not use teeth to open packages. Rules like these are to be observed for the health of teeth and veneers alike. Porcelain is stain resistant, but care should be taken when consuming food and beverages known to stain like coffee, tea, soft drinks, etc. Twice yearly visits to the dentist for cleaning and an exam will maximize the life of your porcelain veneers, and keep them looking their best.

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Is Sedation an Option for Cosmetic Dental Procedures?

Monday, March 4th, 2013

A phobia is defined as a very powerful fear and/or dislike of something such as spiders or confined spaces. Unfortunately, this very real phobia can be felt by patients for any dental procedure. From getting teeth cleaned to the most complex dental procedure, some patients can only handle the thought of going to the dentist if they know they will be sedated throughout the visit. For patients that desire aesthetic improvement, but suffer from a dental office phobia, your cosmetic dentist can help you to achieve the desired results without the fear and anxiety.

Depending on the procedure being undertaken, the type of sedation recommended may vary. For instance, dental implants require a surgical procedure and anxious patients may ask to be sedated completely. The sound of a drill or other sounds in the dentist’s office can be very intimidating for the nervous patient, so total sedation is optimum.

Other procedures that are less invasive may be better suited for oral sedation. The patient takes a sedative at home about an hour before their scheduled appointment. Reliable transportation and someone to stay with you is required no matter which type of sedation is used, as the patient is unable to drive and may feel groggy for several hours after the appointment. 

From getting teeth cleaned to the most complex dental procedure, some patients can only handle the thought of going to the dentist if they know they will be sedated throughout the visit.

With oral sedation, the patient is given another sedative upon arrival for their appointment. As treatment begins, the patient is totally relaxed, but awake. Many patients cannot recall anything about their appointment, and actually felt like they had slept through the procedure.

Another consideration is many cosmetic procedures take longer than traditional treatment. Patients that have trouble sitting for extended periods are excellent candidates for sedation dentistry. Procedures that require the cooperation of the patient can still be conducted with oral sedation.

Sedation dentistry is safe. The cosmetic dentist must be certified if offering any kind of sedation other than nitrous oxide. With sedation dentistry, the patient is continuously monitored from their arrival until the patient departs the office.

The anxious patient still wants to have a brilliant smile and healthy teeth and gums. The availability of sedation dentistry allows for all types of dental procedures to be performed allowing the patient to be treated in a relaxed state.

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