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I want to change the shape of my teeth: What are my options?

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Physical characteristics like the size or shape of your teeth can greatly influence the overall appearance of your smile. Teeth that are longer or shorter, wider or narrower, rounded or squared can either compliment your face or create a distraction. Did you know that the shape of your teeth can also reflect your gender, your ethnicity, and even your physical stature? 

Porcelain veneers can be a valid solution for virtually all of your concerns regarding the appearance of each of your teeth. 

Your teeth are three-dimensional, and discussions regarding the shape of your teeth might also include the contours of the teeth on the front and the back surfaces. Perhaps your teeth seem to be too flat or too bulbous. These aspects can have a considerable impact on the nature of your smile as well.

Porcelain veneers can be a valid solution for virtually all of your concerns regarding the appearance of each of your teeth.  Each veneer is sculpted and shaped to reflect more ideal contours and more symmetry within your smile.

Veneers can provide you with a wide range of options for changing and enhancing your look, but this solution may not always address the other factors that can impact your smile. For true harmony and balance, your cosmetic dentist may suggest recontouring or altering the shape of the gumline and also the neighboring teeth.

An uneven gumline can give make your teeth to appear as though they are shaped differently. With a gentle dental laser, a slight adjustment in the shape of the gums around each tooth can make a difference that is both dramatic and subtle. This procedure is known as aesthetic gum recontouring, and it can be performed on the teeth that are to receive the veneers as well as the neighboring natural teeth. The enamel of the natural teeth that are adjacent to your porcelain veneers can also be gently reshaped to really bring your smile together.

If you would like to change the shape of your teeth, simply contact your cosmetic dentist at 312-491-9494 today to schedule an informative consultation.

Will Teeth Whitening Make My Veneers Whiter?

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Among the high quality esthetic procedures that can be performed by your cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening is easily one of the most popular requests. It’s a simple way to make your smile more radiant and more inviting. Plus, procedures like Zoom! laser whitening have been proven to be safe and extraordinarily effective on a wide range of stains. When the aging process, medications, smoking and other tobacco products, coffee, and red wine have left your smile looking duller than you remember, you can turn to professional whitening procedures for an easy solution.

It is important to have your teeth whitening performed by a dental professional in order to avoid unexpected results, or worse, no results at all! For example, certain types of dental work will not respond to teeth whitening procedures, including resin bonding and porcelain restorations. Dental crowns and veneers cannot be bleached with teeth whitening.

However, the neighboring teeth will become whiter, producing an uneven and undesirable effect. This outcome can certainly be avoided with a little prior planning and some communication with your dentist.

If you are interested in a true smile “makeover”, teeth whitening is generally the cosmetic procedure that is recommended first. By lightening the shade of your teeth to meet your preferences, any future dental restorations can be selected in matching shades. If you have old or worn restorations that are darker than you would prefer or if they need to be replaced, teeth whitening can still be performed. After whitening, your old dental work can be updated and matched to the new shade of your enamel.

Porcelain veneers and crowns are considered permanent cosmetic restorations and have a lifespan that can easily exceed 10-15 years. When the time for replacing your veneers and crowns arises, you may wish to take advantage of the opportunity to have your teeth whitened. By timing your whitening procedure in this manner, you’ll have the option of selecting whiter or brighter replacement restorations.

Talk to your cosmetic dentist at Ora Dental Studio today for help in getting the most out of your teeth whitening experience.

Cosmetic Dentistry: How can I be sure my smile will still look natural?

Monday, November 4th, 2013

In addition to the millions of patients opting for cosmetic dentistry procedures each year, there are many more patients with cosmetic interests, although they may be hesitant to move forward due to concerns about the appearance of the final result. Some patients are concerned that their new smile might look artificial or unnatural, rather than the healthy, natural look that they desire.

 Scheduling a consultation with your dentist is the only true way to determine how your smile will actually look. 

Scheduling a consultation with your dentist is the only true way to determine how your smile will actually look. During your discussion, listen for words such as enhance, recontour, reconstruct, strengthen, and improve. These key words show that your dentist desires to create a smile that is the perfect imitation of a smile that is naturally healthy and strong. The goal of your cosmetic procedure is to improve and restore your current smile, rather than provide you with a cookie cutter smile. You may find reassurance in the fact that there is no “standard” smile, but there is certainly a new and improved smile that is perfect for you.

The products and procedures that are selected to achieve your cosmetic goals are all designed to reflect the characteristics of real teeth. These characteristics include natural translucency, texture, shading, strength, and durability.

Cosmetic procedures are also designed to conserve your natural tooth structure whenever possible. We know that a subtle modification can make an enormous impact on the way that your teeth feel and look.

ZOOM! laser whitening, porcelain veneers, Lumineers, Invisalign, aesthetic tooth recontouring, and gum contouring are examples of the techniques that can make your teeth look more attractive, while retaining the natural qualities that you prefer. These procedures can be performed individually or they may be combined with one another to produce a smile that makes you feel self-confident and comfortable.

Prior to any cosmetic dentistry procedure, you should feel confident that your preferences have been heard as well as understood. You’ll feel better knowing that your dentist has set goals that align with yours, and that includes the goal of working towards a natural-looking smile.

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