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Eliminate Tough Dental Stains with Zoom! Laser Whitening

Teeth whitening is possibly the safest, quickest and most effective cosmetic enhancement that can be completed in one short appointment.

Tough dental stains that are not removed at your twice yearly dental cleaning can be eliminated with the powerful whitening agents and laser technique employed with the Zoom! teeth whitening system.

Although your dental hygienist is a pro at removing plaque build-up and those pesky stains on top of dental enamel, the cleaning and polishing rendered may not do enough to whiten your smile. Zoom laser whitening can lighten your teeth up to eight shades in one brief appointment.

The advantages to Zoom! are numerous:

  • Your teeth whitening procedure is completed by a dental professional who has been trained to offer you the safest and most effective teeth whitening process available.
  • All safety precautions are taken to ensure the powerful whitening agents will not damage sensitive gum and soft mouth tissue.
  • The changes that take place offer a dramatic difference in about one hour.
  • Zoom! offers take home whitening kits for patients who wish to whiten at their own speed in the privacy of their home. Touch-up kits are also available for use at home if in-office whitening starts to fade.
  • A discussion with your cosmetic dentist prior to whitening will provide all the answers to questions you may have including addressing unrealistic expectations, side effects such as sensitivity, and how often you can whiten. When acquiring whitening kits on the internet or at the corner drug store, there is no one to answer questions about a product or address concerns regarding its use or anticipated results.

The value you receive with whitening speaks for itself. This is a cosmetic procedure that is both economical and non-invasive.

Knowing what contributes to dental stain can help you keep your new smile bright. Beverages like coffee, tea, red wine and cola are the biggest offenders and their consumption should be limited. Foods like tomatoes or blueberries are healthy for your body, but can stain your teeth.

Smoking is another leading cause of dental stain and yellow teeth, not to mention bad breath and the health hazards attributed to tobacco use.

Daily flossing and brushing coupled with twice yearly visits to our experienced team of dentists for cleaning and exam will keep teeth healthy and your new Zoom! smile sparkling.