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Financing Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

cosmetic dentistry ChicagoCosmetic dentistry can make a huge difference to someone who is unhappy or self-conscious about their smile. With a few visits to the dentist, a crooked, discolored or asymmetrical smile can be restored to perfection. Dental insurance does not always cover cosmetic procedures.

Financing Your Cosmetic Dentistry Treatment

The first place to look for financing for any dental procedure is your insurance. Your insurance might cover some or all of the procedure, depending upon the type of coverage you have and the reasons why the procedure is necessary. The only way to be sure whether your insurance will cover any part of the costs is to speak to a representative, so be sure to investigate this option before choosing another financing method.

If insurance will not cover the procedure, or if it will only partially defray the cost, other options include financing the expense. Most cosmetic dentists offer referrals to companies that will provide financing, usually with interest rates lower than those of a traditional loan.

Your dentist might also be able to arrange for a payment plan, through which you can pay off the cost of your cosmetic dentistry over a period of time. This could be arranged through a financing institution or directly with your dentist, depending upon your dentist’s preferences and policies.

Other Financing Options

Other options to consider might include a traditional loan through a financial institution you frequent, such as your local bank or credit union. You might also be able to use a low interest credit card. With a credit card of this kind, you can sometimes find rates even lower than what you might encounter with other forms of long-term financing.

Whatever financing method you choose, be sure it is one that fits your budget. Our cosmetic dentistry team will work with you to ensure you are comfortable with your financing, payment plan or other payment option.

To find out how we can help you set up a financing option for your cosmetic dentistry procedures, please call ORA Dental Studio in Chicago at 312-328-9007 today.