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Top Teeth-Staining Foods and Beverages

teeth whitening ChicagoMany dark colored foods and liquids have the ability to stain anything they come in contact with for just a couple of minutes. Think of a wine spill on your white linen … if not cleaned immediately, there will be a stain. The enamel covering on your teeth is very similar. When contact occurs, the potential for staining arises especially when repeated. These stains are usually topical, and can be treated in one brief dental visit with teeth whitening.

The teeth whitening process performed by your dental professional is safe and effective. The patient is advised to have their teeth cleaned to remove plaque build-up and some stains. A brief dental exam will determine if the patient is qualified to undergo teeth whitening.

At your whitening appointment, the patient will be prepped with all the safeguards to prevent soft tissue burns. Precautions also include safety glasses. The whitening agents used by your cosmetic dentist are the most powerful in the teeth whitening industry so having a dental professional perform the procedure guarantees optimum results with safety and comfort a priority.

The whitening gel is applied and enhanced with the use of laser technology. One or two applications are usually sufficient to lighten teeth up to eight shades in one appointment. Teeth continue to lighten up to two weeks after treatment so the final result might not be apparent immediately following treatment.

The best way to maximize your teeth whitening experience is to avoid or limit the things that stained your teeth. These include coffee, tea, red wine and sugary beverages like cola and many sports drinks. If you know you are going to imbibe, use a straw to let liquid bypass teeth and plan to brush or rinse as soon as possible following consumption to prevent the beverage from sitting in your mouth.

Foods like beets, tomato based products like pasta sauces, other dark sauces like soy, berries, and many fruits that are dark or brightly colored have the capability to stain. Acidic foods like many citrus fruits can soften dental enamel allowing the foods and beverages we consume to penetrate enamel resulting in stains.

Other staining products include tobacco (smoked or chewed) and some flavored chewing gums like grape (many brightly colored gums can stain teeth).

Teeth whitening is a wonderful solution that promises a smile makeover in one dental visit. Contact our team at Ora Dental Studio to reserve your appointment today.