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Who can benefit from teeth whitening?

teeth whitening ChicagoNearly any patient who is dissatisfied with the color of his or her teeth may benefit from teeth whitening. This treatment can be used to correct a variety of issues, ranging from teeth that have yellowed due to age or those that have been stained by food, beverages or medications.

Teeth whitening can make significant improvements to a patient’s smile when provided as a single treatment or when used in combination with other treatments, even in a smile makeover.

The basic premise of all whitening treatments is the same. Gels that contain bleaching agents are applied to the teeth and the bleaching agents get into the enamel to release any stains or discolorations that may be present.

While the mechanisms are similar, delivery methods can vary, however. Patients who work with a cosmetic dentist to brighten and whiten their smiles are likely to get more consistent and noticeable results than those who opt for over-the-counter whitening products.

A dentist has access to stronger bleaching agents, and many cosmetic dentists offer in-office systems such as Zoom!, which leaves the teeth up to 10 shades whiter in as little as an hour.

With Zoom!, the cosmetic dentist uses a specialized laser to activate the bleaching gel, helping it to remove stains more quickly.

Patients who are willing to wait a few days for the bleaching to become noticeable can also choose to whiten their teeth at home using custom-designed trays provided by their dentists. The patient fills these trays with the whitening gel provided and wears them according to the schedule recommended by the dentist.

Because patients have a number of options for professional-strength teeth whitening treatments, you should talk to your dentist to learn which treatment will best match your needs. If you need to get quick results, Zoom! may be a good fit. However, if you have less time and tighter finances, you may want to choose a conventional tray system instead.

Teeth whitening can make dramatic improvements to your smile. Ask your dentist what results can be reasonably expected in your case.