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Your Most Common Teeth Whitening Questions Answered

teeth whitening ChicagoAre you curious about teeth whitening? Perhaps you have tried toothpastes and strips from a supermarket and feel that store-bought products didn’t produce noticeable results. Did you know that professional teeth whitening is actually very effective? This quick, non-invasive procedure can lighten your smile up to ten shades. Our cosmetic dentists utilize a system called Zoom!, which involves the use of a safe dental laser and prescription-grade bleaching agents to produce a dramatically whiter smile in about an hour’s time. Following are some answers to common questions about professional teeth whitening.

What makes professional teeth whitening effective?

The reason professional whitening is effective is because the ingredients used in the whitening solution are potent enough to penetrate the enamel surface of teeth. Permanent tooth stains form underneath tooth enamel and over the counter products lack the concentration to remove anything but surface stains, which form on top of tooth enamel. Professional whitening systems have the strength and concentration to bleach away the deepest discoloration and stains.

Why is a laser used?

The Zoom! whitening system involves using a laser to speed up the whitening process. This means that patients can enjoy a dramatically brighter smile immediately after a 45-minute session at our office. Since the laser emits a concentrated light beam, it not only accelerates the bleaching process, it enhances it.

Is professional whitening safe for my teeth and gums?

The whitening solution used by our cosmetic dentist office is safe for teeth and our team will take precautions to protect sensitive oral tissues like the linings of lips and cheeks along with the gums. Protective gauze and liquid dam are applied over the gums to prevent the bleaching solution from migrating off teeth. Patients may notice slight tooth sensitivity after a whitening treatment but these sensations will subside in a day or so.

How long will my white smile last?

After a professional teeth whitening treatment, patients can expect their smile to stay white for at least a year. There are ways to prolong the effects of treatment, however. We recommend that patients avoid smoking and drink beverages like coffee, soda, and wine through a straw.

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