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laser microdentistry

One of the greatest recent advances in dentistry is the shift towards microdentistry - the practice of treating tooth decay through early, accurate diagnosis and minimally invasive technique, thus preserving healthy tooth structure. This shift in philosophy is moving clinicians away from the practice of “watch-wait-and-treat” dentistry to a significantly more proactive form of “diagnose-and-prevent” approach.

With traditional diagnostic techniques, such as x-rays and a hand explorer, detection of cavities did not usually occur until the lesion was fairly large to the eye or obvious to the touch. The DIAGNOdent is a revolutionary new laser that detects cavities in the earliest possible stages with great accuracy (>90%). The benefits include:

  • No anesthesia necessary in most cases
  • No discomfort or pain during treatment
  • Maintain natural tooth aesthetics
  • Preservation of healthy tooth structure with air abrasion
  • Smaller fillings last considerably longer than larger ones
  • Less patient chair time, lower costs to restore the tooth
Visit the Gallery to view before and after pictures of teeth restored with “micro” fillings by our talented and skilled clinicians.

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